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If you don’t have a trading system, making consistent profits based on small losses and large gains will be very hard. So, if you don’t have a winning trading system yet, please continue reading. Better yet: sign up now below for my 1-on-1 “how to improve your trading” class, for only $499, which will teach you how to execute a tailor-made system that fits your needs, and most importantly: it can improve your profits and profit-making consistency!

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A trading system is simple: it’s a proven strategy with a predetermined entry- and exit that minimizes losses, while maximizing gains, and is adhered to by the trader at all times. As you can see, three things are key here: 1) exit strategy, i.e. when to sell a position; 2) minimize losses; 3) adhered to at all times. Why? Because trading is ALL about managing the downside risk, as the upside will take care of it self. A good system will do that for you.

A system can be many things, as it all depends on your personal trading style. But, one thing all systems have in common: they will not let you in at the bottom, nor out at the top as they follow the trend. Top and bottom hunting is for amateurs. Trend following is for the pros. Why? If you sold at the bottom and bought at the top, you’d nailed both but lost big time… The real money is made in the trend. Why? Say a stock bottoms at $100 and rallies to $500. So the maximum possible gain was 400% IF you’d be able to buy the exact $100 low and $500 high. But, it’s impossible to do that and it comes with a high risk. With a system for example get a buy signal at $125 and a sell signal at $475, A 280% at a much low risk.

So what is a good trading system? As said, there are many, many options available and it all depends on what type of trader YOU are. Day trader, swing trader, long-term buy and hold? High risk, low risk? You name it. But it all doesn’t matter as my system can handle it all. That is also why my course is a 1-on-1 course where we make a system that fits your needs. No “watch this video for 2 hours and off you go“. None of it. We’ll dig through the charts and help you understand what you like to trade!

Below is the weekly chart of the IWM. But wait, where is price? With my system you don’t even need to know price. With my system all you need and get is entry and exit signals. Act upon those and over the last 3 years you would have made >33% in IWM alone, avoiding most of the bigger draw-downs. Of course you can short those corrections too and make money on both sides. My system allows for that too.

IWM weekly4

So are you ready to take the next step, are you ready to become a real systematic pro trader that will let profits soar and cut losers? Or will you let your emotions stand in the way, panic sell, and regret it the next day as the market soared back higher…

Sign up now for my 1-on-1 trading class, for $499, for a system that fits your needs and can increases your profits!


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