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Hi, and welcome to my private  twitter feed service. For only $29.99/month after one free first week, you will get: Real-time, intra-day buy and sell tweets for all my trades: from AAPL to Z, from DIA to UPRO, from GDX to UCO.

All you do is act upon these tweets: buy when I tweet I buy, sell when I tweet I sell.* That’s all there is to it. Does it get any simpler than that!?

You can see our performance here : We are UP 29% To Date, while the S&P500 is DOWN 5% TD (since June 1, 2018)

Please subscribe using the button below. Once you’ve signed up, you must an email to Intelligent_investing AT yahoo DOT com with your own twitter account name.

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Step one: type “@private_Intell” in the search box. Most likely my account doesn’t show up in the search result…  So go to step 2

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Step two: Tap once on my twitter account name in the search box to highlight it. Then my account will show up below. Click on either white-lined bar, which will then bring you to my page. Click on “Follow”. Once I get the notification you will be approved if the emailed twitter account matches. Makes sure to then click on the bell-icon next to my profile picture (account notifications) and select “All Tweets”. You’ll then get all my tweets in real-time pushed to you so you won’t miss a beat!

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Step one: type “@private_Intell” in the search box. DON’T HIT ENTER. Instead click on the auto-generated search result below as highlighted

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Step two: Click on “Follow”. Once I get the notification you will be approved if the emailed twitter account matches.private twitter step 2 desktop

You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button below.

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*Subscriber does not have to act upon tweets, and should consider them as “for information purposes only”. Results (% gains and losses) are calculated assuming each trade is of equal sized position. However, position sizes may differ in reality. Results are for Intelligent Investing, LCC’s -the provider- trades only. Subscriber results may vary due to different time of entry as provider’s trades are tweeted shortly (up to two minutes) after they’ve been made. Subscriber takes full responsibility for his/her own trades and assumes no liability towards the provider regarding possible losses as provider’s system is not perfect and no system can guarantee only winning trades. When you subscribe you have read and agree to I.I.’s terms and conditions and have read, understand and agree to I.I.’s disclaimer.