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Hi, and welcome to my private  twitter feed service. For only $9.99/month after one free first week, you will have access to:

  1. My mechanical systems’ short-term Buy/Sell signals for the S&P500 (using SPY and SH),
  2. A daily Bull and Bear scan for stocks in the S&P500
  3. Intra-day set ups and trade ideas when they arise
  4. Intra-day market, ETF, and stock insights (price targets reached, buy/sell signals, etc) when they arise.
  5. Intra-day buy/sell alerts of stocks and ETFs
Please subscribe using the button below. Once you’ve signed up, you must an email to Intelligent_investing AT yahoo DOT com with your own twitter account name.


Step one: type “@private_Intell” in the search box. Most likely my account doesn’t show up in the search result…  So go to step 2

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Step two: Tap once on my twitter account name in the search box to highlight it. Then my account will show up below. Click on either white-lined bar, which will then bring you to my page. Click on “Follow”. Once I get the notification you will be approved if the emailed twitter account matches.

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Step one: type “@private_Intell” in the search box. DON’T HIT ENTER. Instead click on the auto-generated search result below as highlighted

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Step two: Click on “Follow”. Once I get the notification you will be approved if the emailed twitter account matches.private twitter step 2 desktop


You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button below.

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When you subscribe you have read and agree to I.I.’s terms and conditions and have read, understand and agree to I.I.’s disclaimer.