XHB update 04/25

XHB: Counts still best as major-4 underway according to the waves determined from the monthly chart, with an ideal target zone of $39-37.5 as that was prior support.

XHB monthly

When we zoom in and use the weekly chart for more detail, we see a nice ending diagonal is forming targeting ideally $38.50. The purple arrow shows what happens once the ED has completed: a strong move higher. This will signal major-5 to new highs (ideally mid- to high-50s) is underway. I would wait for the breakout to happen to go long. No need to front run as there will be plenty of upside potential left. In addition, price is below its 200d SMA (at $41, not shown) and I prefer to only long when (back) above the 200d SMA.

XHB weekly