X, GPRO, FIT 04/18

X: looks like it may have bottomed for all of major 4? c=1.382x target reached. Important support at 27.50 and 27.75 (intermediate i top and 200d SMA). below that and things will change. Hence, long entry can be initiated with stop loss at around these two levels (preferably just below to prevent a shake-n-bake)



GPRO: Is the low in? price is back over the 50d SMA, but the insert in the chart tells you what to wait for before initiating a long position. KISS.



FIT:  Same deal as GPRO. Patience is virtue and we need the chart to set up so that we are on the right side of the trade. doesn’t matter if you nail the top and bottom, what matters is being on the right side of the trade cause you may as well nail the top and bottom when you buy and sell… so we wait for the charts to turn around and then enter.