UPRO update 7/13/2015: Targeting Primary III

Although my primary III target for UPRO has not changed since the latest update (~$100 +/- $5), now that intermediate ii, minor 1, and minor 2 are completed (latter most likely) we can fine tune our targets and see where Fib-extensions of different wave degrees overlap to see what likely targets for bigger and smaller waves will be.

As such, please find below the Fib’s for the minor and intermediate waves of major 5. There’s reasonable overlap with the 138.2% extension of the minor waves and the 123.6-138.2% extensions of the intermediate waves at around $88, suggesting a minor 3 target (3rd of 3rd waves often hit the 138.2% extension). Then minor 4 should retrace about 38.2% of minor 3: back down to around the 100% extensions of each wave-degree: ~$81. Then minor 5 up to the 200% extension, where 5=1. Both are rather typical for a 5th wave, and which coincides reasonable well with the intermediate 161.8% extension; typical for a 3rd wave: Intermediate iii in this case: $94. Looking even further ahead, a 38.2% retrace of iii for intermediate iv would then hit the 100% extensions once again at around $81. Intermediate v can then be 1.000x intermediate i and target ~$104, right at the red 200% extensions. Therewith Primary III will conclude. Note that the chart is not time specific, only price. Price matters, not time. Price is the variable, not time.

UPRO update 7132015

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