Updates on additional 3 individual stocks: AMZN, FB, TSLA

AMZN: clearly peaked for (yellow) major 3, now in major 4. IF (red) intermediate iv of major 3 is any guidance for major 4, then it should hit the 38.2% retrace of all of major 3, which is at around ~$370.


FB: the move up off the Major 4 low has been tough to count after minor 3 of intermediate iii. Currently it appears that intermediate v truncated and failed heavily. I am not too happy with this count, but it’s really the best there is for now. It suggests (blue) Primary I topped.


TSLA: not too much new to add to this ticker besides that either major a or intermediate ii of major 5 appear to have completed. ONLY a break below major 4 will mean Primary I has ended. Hence, for now we do need to keep both options open. Odds of both counts? I say 50/50.