UGAZ/DGAZ updates 12/29

UGAZ and DGAZ track natural gas prices long and short (3x). Well, they track NG prices somewhat as NG future prices through the Henry Hub are quite different. See here. Like almost all commodities, they move in 3s. Don’t ask me why that is, it just is. Looks like UGAZ is close to completing a long term low (blue C). Similarly for DGAZ. Note that UGAZ and DGAZ are not each other’s mirror images like say SPY and SH. Short term, there’s simple been too little price movement to count or say anything about. UGAZ is below it’s 200d SMA and still in a downtrend (not shown). It needs to move over $130 before anything more substantial than just a bounce is underway. DGAZ needs to stay above it’s 200d SMA (at $25, not shown) to keep an uptrend going. Until then, these ETFs have not yet much to show for and are very difficult to track and especially trade until a more clear and substantial trend evolves other than quick spikes higher.