TWTR – Twitter, Inc.

Last updated June 5, 2019

Ones’ view of the market should always be “wrong till proven right”; and that is exactly what happened for twitter as price did not conform to a standard impulse wave pattern up that was anticipated and was tracking. Instead price retraced too far to allow for it. Now that means there’s a few option back on the table. The first is that we’re dealing with a (rare) expanding ending diagonal (see daily chart). The 2nd is that we’re simply dealing with a 1,2,i,ii,1,2, set up and price is soon to move into it’s strongest rally: wave-3 of iii of 3. The 3rd option, albeit not shown here, is a continued 4th wave with price revisiting the December lows eventually. For that to become the preferred view, price will have to move below the start of the possible green wave-1, which is $29.50.