TSLA update 7/8/2015: did intermediate i of major 5 peak!?

TSLA lost almost exactly 10% of it’s share price over the past 3 days. Rather dramatic, but is that it? Well, all things considered, last week’s high was likely on;y intermediate i of major 5, and price is now in intermediate ii, targeting between $244-$220, with a mid-value of $232. That be the 38.2-61.8% retrace, with a 50% mid-value of intermediate i. Once ii is in place, and bought :-), we can then determine using Fib-extensions where major 5 and therewith Primary I should ideally end. Until then, let’s wait for intermediate ii to play out first. Likely we’ve only had minor a down, and a minor b bounce back to the lower white trendline (support becomes resistance) is in the making over the next few days.

TSLA update 782015

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