TSLA update 12/1

TSLA: Re-assessing the weekly charts we see some very interesting relationships between the c-waves and a-waves of the ongoing correction TSLA is in. Namely, at all the important wave-degrees the relationship of c = 1.382x a. On the intermediate (red), minor (green), and even minute (gray) degree. If we then apply this to the major (black) degree we see that a c=1.382 x a extension targets exactly the same price level as the red c=1.382x extension and green c=1.382x extension: the 61.8% retrace of all of Primary I at $125. The 61.8% retrace is very standard for a wave 2 retrace. With ALL waves pointing to that level with all the same c-wave extension, the weight of the evidence is simple too much to ignore. Note there’s good support at $175-$170, so we can expect a short term bounce.