TSLA, TWTR update 12/27/2015

TSLA: not all that much new to report besides the fact that price hit the minimum requirement for the (red) intermediate b wave. Unless the move off the October lows are a set of nested 1st and 2nd waves, the price action since then simple looks corrective: overlapping and lacks a clear 5-wave structure on the up moves. As such we continue to expect lower prices, with targets given by the purple arrows. A break below the October and August lows will target $180 for starters.


TWTR: Clearly price is in an ascending trend channel since the ATH (TOP) made almost 2 years ago. Using the ideal 50-61.8% retrace of the IPO-day level as the “LOW?” target, we get a price zone of around $15-$22. This is even below the actual IPO price of $26. If we’d use that price as our starting point that TWTR will drop to $13-$9 before finding it’s final low… Both target zones have something going for it: the 161.8% extension of (red) intermediate a of (yellow) major c, from intermediate b targets $20, while the 100% extension of major a, from major b targets $10, which is also at around the 200% extension of intermediate a. For now, price is in in (green) minor c of intermediate b. Not shown here, but the 61.8% extension of minor a, measured from minor b, targets $11. And as long as price remains in this downtrend channel the trend is down.