TSLA, GILD update 2/20

TSLA: Our apologize, we unfortunately had the low made early December last year as the absolute low, but when we reassessed the charts we found it was a 2nd marginally higher low and we therefore had to adjust our count, but now it’s counting fantastically well as a new impulse up: intermediate iii of major 3 of primary III of C1 is now underway. So still lots of upside left ūüôā

We can now count (green) minor 5 of (red) intermediate iii underway, targeting around $300-$305. This is exactly where intermediate iii will equal the length of (yellow) major 1 (red line); and 3rd of 3rd waves often hit the 100% extension. This is also exemplified with (white) minute iii of (green) minor 3 hitting exactly the 100% extension of minor 1 (see 1.0x 1 annotation)

Hence, we expect a positive response on earnings 2/22 AH and we then expect this to be a bull trap, as intermediate iv will then likely soon set in targeting back down to $277-$258; with the lower end as the ideal target; that’s where support now clearly resides. ¬†Intermediate v and all of major 3 will then ideally be around $357 as in case of a iii=100% setup, 3=138.2%. Wave 4 should then ideally go back to $280, and wave 5 (primary III) will end at around $400.



GILD: counts best as having completed 5 Primary waves up and should now be in Primary A, alternative all of Cycle 2 down targeting between $62-$52; Why? That’s where we have the (yellow) major c=1.382 to 1.618x a extension and (red) intermediate c=1.382 to 1.618x a extension overlap with the (blue) 61.8% retrace (See white box). It’s also clearly a price zone where there was a lot of strong support and resistance in 2013. We then expect from that target zone at least a bounce back to $104ish.