TOL, TWTR updates

TOL: Although Cycle-2 (purple C-2) can already be in place at the price low made in 2011 (76.4% retrace of all of Cycle-1), the advance since that low is leaving a few things to be desired for me to really “believe” it is a new impulse up. In fact the general “squint structure” (squint your eyes and look at the chart to discern the pattern; I know it’s as unscientific as can be, but it can help to determine large patterns more easily as it removes/blurs out noise) looks more like an a,b,c up to complete a large B-wave at the c=a extension. I really need to see this ticker rally to new ATHs to have the I,II,1,2 count become firmly the preferred count. Until then, no real edge here, which should be a note of caution.

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TWTR: Another big-tech stock getting slapped around hard on earnings. This is why stops must always be in place, partial profits should always be taken, and why playing earnings can be very bad for your portfolio. Due to the overlapping price action, price has failed to put a nice impulse in place and should now be considered as being in a c-wave down back to $26ish to complete all of red intermediate-iv. All technical indicators are now pointing down, wanting to see lower prices. Price is now back below its 50d SMA and at the 20d SMA. The 200d SMA is still far below and rising, thus the big-picture/long term trend is still up, but the short to intermediate term trend is down to side-ways.

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