TLH, TLT, TNX, TYX updates 12/15

The TLH and TLT charts below have not been update other than an adjusted background color to aid in some of my members ability to read the charts. Please see the previous update on these two here:



TNX/TYX: Both have very identical -easy to count- wave patterns and both are really hitting key Fib-extensions, so I cover both in the same paragraph. Both may have already bottomed last year and are working on a new long term uptrends targeting at a minimum $100+, possible new ATHs decades out, but price needs to break first above their respectively multi-decade down trend lines. When it does, it means that 30+ years of downside price action is over. That’s significant to say the very least. Now price can in both case still drop lower ($5.50ish on TNX and $9 +/- 1 on TYX) as those are levels at which there’s good Fib-extension overlap as well. Hence, why we need to wait on that break above the trendlines before going long. In addition, those lower Fib-extension targets are also more common for c-waves than the ones hit in 2016, so that argues in favor for lower prices. But, beggars can’t be choosers and if the market decided that the slightly less common Fib-extensions were it, than so be it. But, making money in trades is not all about picking tops and bottoms, it’s about being on the right side of the trade and the breakout over the trendlines will tell us that. Those levels are $25 and $30 now.