stocks update 9/28/2015: DAL, HZNP, NKE

DAL: price stalled once again at the prior major b and intermediate b of major a highs last week and is now declining. Break below $42 will usher in further downside to $36, therewith suggesting the recent high was intermediate b of a complex major c wave. CLICK CHARTS TO ENLARGE

DALHZNP: Although i recently posted an update on this ticker, it warrants a new update as the currently decline was initially labelled as Primary IV, but it has now overlapped with Primary I. And thus can’t be IV anymore. Since we anticipate, monitor and adjust, it follows from re-analyzing the chart that the ATH in early summer this year was Cycle 1. Namely, we have actually perfect 5 waves up, where V is almost exactly 2.00x I, from II: ideal wave 5 target extension. Now we have major a and b completed, with price in major c. The c=a extensions targets the (purple) 61.8% retrace of all of C1; suggesting we may even be dealing with all of C2. The price level to watch is $16. That was also the prior S/R zone for I and major b of II.

hznpNKE: New ticker.  Just look at the chart. Picture perfect. We have a nice intermediate i=iii=v relationship for major 3 and major 4 retraced exactly 23.6% of all of major 3. Typical for a 4th wave. price is now in major 5 and may conclude soon. Primary IV should then bring price back down to $80 (38.4% retrace of all of III); which is the (red) intermediate iii of major 3 level.