Stocks update 09/08/2015: DECK, F, HPQ

DECK: Looks like our (ugly) boot making company is about to complete major 2. We’ve had nice 5 waves up to major 1 and the (green) minor c=a, from b, and the (red) intermediate c=2.236x a from b, all align well with a 76.4% retrace of all of Major 1. Not uncommon for a 2nd wave. Before we make any upside predictions, let’s see how things develop over the coming weeks.

deck 982015

F: our all-american automotive company may actually surprise a lot of people to the upside. IMHO it completed 5 waves up off the 2009 price low. Likely major 1 of primary I, and price is now completing or has completed major 2. Watch this ticker going forward. IF my count is correct, then Primary V should complete at mid- to high $40s over the next few years to come.

Ford 09082015

HPQ: Seems like major 4 of Primary I up is about to complete. Price doesn’t have much wiggle room left before it overlaps with Major 1. If it does it means (yellow) major 3 was only the top of a corrective wave up. BUT, before we cross that bridge we have a nice (green) minor c=a, from minor b; and (red) intermediate c=a, from intermediate b relationship at the $25ish low made 2 weeks ago. Watch this one going forward. If major 5 won’t fail (that is make a higher high above major 3), then we’re looking at 100% gains over the year or so 🙂

HPQ 09082015