stock update 10/19/2015: AMBA, AMZN, DAL


AMBA: price is now inside our ideal wave II target box. Should ideally drop down to $40 for a major c=a, from b relationship, but not necessary. Hence, buying in the current zone is a long term opportunity with $17 downside risk and many more $$$s upside potential.


AMZN: Price is now in major 5 of Primary I. Looks like it could be developing into a typical ending diagonal. If so, it should reach to the mid to high $600s. Please note the perfect 23.% retrace of major 3 for major 4.


DAL: It’s my preferred airline for air-travel and it’s now in its final wave up. Counts well as major 1, 2 completed and now about to complete intermediate i of major 3. The yellow major Fibs overlap well with the blue Primary Fibs and a $65 target for C1 seems very possible. If one were to buy the coming intermediate low, one would still have at least $20/share upside (44%). Please note the perfect 38.2% retrace of Primary III for Primary IV