stock update 10/15/2015: AGN, DIS, ICE, VRX

A member asked me to analyze the following tickers! Enjoy, as sharing is caring (click charts to enlarge). Note that these are all monthly charts and only show wave-counts. However, most were fairly easy to count and as such no additional TA was needed.

AGN: appears to be be most likely now in Major 5 of Primary I.


DIS: Now in major 5 of Primary III. One can argue about the major b/1 high, but IMHO it’s better counted as a b-wave since the impulse structure is not very clear (compared to major 3 for example!_





ICE: Compare the current move up off the II/B low vs that of say DIS and AGN, and we can see that price here lacks the real impulsive looking character. Hence, I favor the ABC count.


VRX: Also here a fairly easy to count impulsive wave up. Price still in Major 4, arguably Primary IV as one could move minor 3 and 4 of intermediate iii back in time 2 months and then the currently labeled minor 3 and 4 are intermediate iii, iv and these two wave subsequently become major 3, 4.