stock update 10/12: AAPL, FB, GOOG


AAPL: Below is the weekly chart of AAPL going back to the beginning of 2010. As you can see, price found support at the red trendline connect the (yellow) major 2 and 4 low, and this 5 yr long trendline needs to hold to allow continued upside. It appears AAPL still needs one more wave (red) intermediate v to complete all of Major 5 of Primary V. I wanted to draw you attention to the major 2 low and intermediate i high and intermediate ii side-ways correction that followed in 2010 (lower left corner) as it appears rather similar to the current price action off the (red) intermediate “iv?” low. Other than that there’s not much new to add then to watch that trend line going forward.

aaplFB:  Also here a long-term chart to show the long term trend, and to show how price found support late-august at a very important trendline suggesting indeed major 4 is in. For now, a possible leading diagonal for intermediate i may have formed, and intermediate ii is either complete or still underway. IF correct than Primary I is projected to target $125-$130: about 30-35% upside from current levels.

fbGOOG: Recent price action -daily chart shown- hasn’t cleared up much. It is still arguable to count it as either having topped or as possible a subdividing major 3 of  V wave. Break above $680 confirms the latter, break below $560 the former. That’s really all we can say for now.