SPX Big Picture Count

This page shows the preferred big picture count for the S&P500. Please refer to the wave-labeling page to see which degree waves each is. This page will be updated about once a month. Please refer to the “SPX current detailed count” page for the more detailed count over the past year.

Last updated December 21, 2018

Most bullish option: Primary wave III off the 2009 lows complete, and now in wave-IV before Primary Wave-V takes hold and ends the Bull off the March 2009 lows. The blue lines are the originally projected path months ago. The black dotted lines are the newly projected path depending on how high major-b of IV and how low major-c of IV will go.

2nd and least bullish; wave-V off the March 2009 low ended and Bull over. Question is if only the Bull from 2009 is over, or if a much larger Bull is over… TBD… Note how a simple A, B, C using standard Fib-extensions and -retraces for c- and b-waves, respectively, targets right around the 62% retrace of the 2009-2018 Bull!

Hence, the next top will be significant and at a minimum serve us a 20-30% haircut…

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