SPX Big Picture Count

This page shows the preferred big picture count for the S&P500. Please refer to the wave-labeling page to see which degree waves each is. This page will be updated about once a month. Please refer to the “SPX current detailed count” page for the more detailed count over the past year.

Last updated February 12, 2019

Most bullish and preferred option: Primary wave III and –IV off the 2009 lows complete, and now in wave-to end the Bull off the March 2009 lows. Major-1 of V is now underway, wave-2 support is rather logically at SPX2600 when simple eyeballing this chart, this would target 3225-3325 for wave-3, 2950-3050 for wave-4 and 3400-3500 for wave-5 of 

2nd, alternate, and least bullish; wave- V off the March 2009 low ended and Bull over. BUT, we are now in an irregular correction, with wave-a soon complete, wave-b down to 2600, then wave-c to ~3050, which can then set the market up for a decline to 2100 for a C=1.618x A relationship. Possible, but not so sure yet if it is correct. For now, we need to look higher longer-term.

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