SCTY update 9/1/2015: did Primary B bottom?

Looks like SCTY may have bottomed for Primary B last week (on Monday’s big sell-off it was actually up 17% at some point intra-day… go figure…). The Fib extension align, with the (red) extension at around 200% and the decline from (Red) intermediate b high made August 2014 Primary to last week’s low almost equals the (blue) A down to the first intermediate (red) a (May 2014 low) decline. All in all this is a rather ugly looking price chart for SCTY with no impulse anywhere. But, from a tradings perspective, Primary C should hit, assuming B is in anywhere between C=0.618x A to C=1.618x A from B. This is a huge span, but it’s impossible to know before hand. These targets are $90, $120 (c=a), $138 (c=1.236xa), $!50 (c=1.382xa) and $168 (c=1.618xa), Let’s be conservative and aim for the first 2,