SCTY update 8/16/2015: major c underway and if $46 doesn’t hold then low $40s is next target.

Since the Primary A high made in early 2014, SCTY has been in corrective overlapping mode. Major a and b have been completed and price is now in major c, the final wave down for Primary B. This is c-wave is obvious as price has lost 26% in 5 trading sessions: Hallmark of a vicious C-wave. Question now is if the C-wave has completed or not. At Wednesday’s low, price hit the all important $46 support/resistance level as well as the 123.6% extension of intermediate a, from b, as well as the daily S2 level (not shown here). However, there’s no positive divergence on any TI yet and price needs to stay above $46, or the 138.2% and 161.8% extensions are next. These target $44 and $40. Often these 2 extensions are the preferred extensions for a c-wave. Time will tell, so watch the $46 ON A CLOSING BASIS! TO see if the lower two targets come into play. Once Primary B completes, we can expect Primary C to target $119 (C=A, from B), up to $168 (C=1.618x A, from B). Hence, the risk/reward is moving towards buying instead of selling, IMHO. Why? The likely risk is $9 from current levels, while the likely upside is $70 from current levels. That’s a 9/70 risk reward ratio. Almost as good as it gets IMHO. As such, let’s see how things develop over the next few days/weeks: plenty of time to jump in IF the low was made. It’s all about catching the right direction, not the exact low or top.

SCTY update 8162015


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