SCTY, TWTR update February 16

SCTY: Happily obliging with our count, which we’ve had for a looooong time 😉 and in our opinion it is still targeting high $4s. That’s the ideal target 🙂 nothing in the charts suggest it won’t get there. That’s a 75% haircut from current price; just in case it was cheap already…


TWTR: Another wall street IPO flop. (In case you are interested, please check FERRARI on; it’s symbol is RACE -how appropriate- and see another flop. This is because when companies go public they’ve almost completed there first big business cycle. Either they go public in 3rd or 5th waves of that cycle and as such have a little steam left (e.g. like SCTY, TWTR) or just flop. RACE is such an example. Back to TWTR, we can see it is targeting the $13-$9 level; which is still some ways to go… We see now reason to change our count, which we’ve carried now for a looong time now as well.