SBUX, TSLA update 1/4/2017

SBUX: Looks like intermediate a of major 2 low is in. That’s our prefered count. Could be all of 2, but given that price was so oversold it often means it will be revisited and we’d ideally also like to see + div on the TIs between an a-wave and c-wave. Of course we don’t always get what we want and or ask for, such is life and the market, but if a b-wave is now underway it should target the (Red) 50-76.4% retrace, ideally. A c=a wave would then take price down to the (black) 61.8% retrace; which is an ideal wave 2 target. We are aware this is a lot of hoping and wishing, but who knows we may get it. Trade above black 1 means wave 3 is underway. Simple


***********************************************************************TSLA: is short term targeting $235-$245 for what’s likely intermediate i. The move off its december 2016 looks impulsive as we can count so far 12 waves up and down with the 13th now underway, which can subdivide as well.  Ultimate target $235-$240 for this wave up, which is where there’s strong S/R (black rectangle). We then expect intermediate ii to drop to $200: 62% retrace and top of minor 1 of intermediate i. That’s the true bottom to buy!