OSEBX – OSE Benchmark, Norway, Oslo

Last updated March 5, 2019

Counts best as having completed primary III of a larger five waves up. the alternate is of course that III was wave C and price will drop back to ~$100, but given it’s all impulses higher and corrective down since it’s start in the 1980s I find that A,B,C hard to believe. So for now, I expect a continued b-wave/bounce higher to around $920 before wave-c of IV takes hold and ideally brings price back to prior S/R: ~$680. From there we should see an extended rally to complete Primary-V as 5th waves for this index have always been extended (just look at wave-5 of Primary-I and wave-5 of Primary III). So it is logical to assume the same for (wave-5 of ) Primary-V. The labels are only placed to scale price, not to time.