NFLX update December 2

NFLX: Closed above its prior intra-day high, which is bullish. If our count is correct, price should now be in (green) minor 5 of (Red) intermediate iii of (black) major 3 of (blue) primary V. We have minor 3 as 2.236x minor 1, from 2, which implies minor 5 targeting the 3.000x extension at around $135ish. The daily chart looks to be setting up for a nice explosive move higher with all TIs starting to move back up.


The weekly chart looks even more bullish; we have a renewed A.I. buy signal this week and the MACD looks ready to move higher as well due to the bullish “hook” it’s forming. Price found support in the green S/R zone and a simple measured move from IV to 1 added to the top of 1 targets $140. Right in line with the daily chart. Lastly, the bollinger bands are in a nice bullish setup as both are moving higher.