NFLX, TWTR updates 04/17

NFLX: Market has spoken, which makes my life as an EWer easier as I can dump the alternate count, and the preferred count is shown below.  Major-3 target is mid to high-300s. This is the weekly chart btw, and all systems have now turned back to buy. Long it is.

nflx weekly


TWTR: Enjoying the part NFLX is throwing today. And we can conclude intermediate-iv of major-3 is in. I expect major-3 to reach $40s. Earnings are April 25th before market open. Depending on how price is approaching this; e.g. if it is already close to $40 by then, one should decide to reduce exposure or increase it. Often reducing exposure going into earnings is recommended. Detailed count suggest price is in wave iii of 3 of intermediate-v already; or it’s 3 of iii of minor-1 of v… We’ll know soon enough over the next week.

TWTR Weekly