NASDAQ – detailed EW count

This page shows the preferred current count for the NASDAQ in more detail. Please refer to the wave-labeling page to see which degree waves each is. This page will be updated a few times per month. Please refer to the “NASDAQ big picture count” page for the larger degree waves over the past 10+ years.

Last update June 10, 2019. 

The extended 3rd wave down AND the diagonal wave down were eliminated as viable options last week and mow all of wave-b is underway or there’s some more subdividing to do (see for example the February-March 2018 advance). At this stage it is impossible to know which of the two options it will be and even if red wave-b could become even more complex and larger in time (e.g. for example like a flat where a=b=c; something similar to the price pattern October-November 2018). So be cautious out there is my advice and take prudent profits.