NASDAQ detailed EW count

This page shows the preferred current count for the NASDAQ in more detail. Please refer to the wave-labeling page to see which degree waves each is. This page will be updated a few times per month. Please refer to the “NASDAQ big picture count” page for the larger degree waves over the past 10+ years.

Last update January 14, 2019. 

Nice three waves up off the major-a low, with now the final c-wave underway. A simple minute-i, ii, iii, iv, v targets the 100% minor extension, where v<iii<i, which has now been reached. Below last week’s low increases the odds substantially for wave-a being complete. 

For the NDX has reached its c=a target, it can sill try to tag the 1.382x extension to reach the 50% retrace, but below last week’s low and that possibility is reduced a lot. Regardless, upside is imho limited. The blue dotted lines show the ideal path for major-b assuming the 50% retrace will be hit.