NASDAQ big picture count

Last update October 5, 2018

Two possibilities:

  1. Primary-III of Cycle-3 is topping – I apologize I have labeled the Cycle waves as SuperCycle (SC) waves, but you should get the idea-  with Primary-IV now underway to the 23.6 or 38.2% retrace levels, followed by Primary-V to new ATHs. Or;
  2. Cycle-3 is topping  and Cycle-4 will drop all the way back to just above the 2015 highs before Cycle-5 brings price to new ATHs in another decade-long rally.

Note, both options have a significant correction coming… and most likely they have already started. Note this count is not the same as for the SPX. Reason is because the bear markets of 2000-2003, and 2008-2009 are not at all of the same magnitude between NAS and SPX. In addition, NAS didn’t make a new ATH in 2007, SPX did… Thus these indices are in different counts bigger picture wise.

COMPQ monthly TI3

COMPQ monthly TI