KR, FIT update 12/13

KR: reached our downside target (red rectangles) and is now testing broken support from below. We remain of the notion this stock has peaked long term. It did an annual reversal and has failed to make new highs whereas the general market has…



FIT: Getting alerts of unusual option activity (implied volatility increasing; traders are expecting a big move soon). Given how washed out this stock is, with price

  • right at the (yellow) 1.618x extension of major a, from b, which is a very typical c-wave extension,
  • right at the (Red) 1.764x extension of intermediate i, from ii, of major c
  • currently in a pattern that looks best like an ending diagonal pattern (see 2nd chart)
  • and with 5 waves down from major b about complete,

we could expect a large upmove (buy out announcement/rumors) coming!?