INTC update 10/3

INTC: My apologize as the count I had before on INTC was incorrect and too bearish. The below chart shows what’s transpiring. Price is now in (green) minor-3 of intermediate-v of major-3 of Primary V. I expect minor-3 to reach the 1.618x extension at around $40-$41 and then minor-4 back to around $38/38.50 and then minor 5 to $42/$43. The latter is around the 1.618x extension of major-1, from 2; and a typical 3rd wave target. It fits also perfectly with the blue bull flag break out target (blue arrows)


Once Major-3 is complete we should ideally see a flat correction for major-4  (a=b=c) – another but larger consolidation pattern just like (red) intermediate-iv, down to ideally the 100% Fib-extension of major-1. A retest of the breakout level in other words. Major-5 should then, using a 5=1 relationship target $48 (black 5 all the way in the upper right corner of the chart). But, that’s trying to look around many, many corners at the same time, so lets first focus on the completion of minor-3, 4 and 5 of major-3 first.