GOOG, TSLA update february 24, 2016

GOOG: looks like minor a and b, of intermediate b are complete. Price has fallen below the long term trendline and that’s simple bearish long term. The advance off the (red) intermediate a low is sloppy and clearly corrective. Using the standard Fib-extensions for a c-wave (see white Fib’s) then a logical target appears to be around $730-$750. It will be a retest of trendline support it lost: fails and fall hard lower. This is inline with an advancing intermediate c (or major c) on the general indices.



TSLA: As with GOOG (and the general market) it appears this stock also needs one more wave up to complete major b. Right now it appears intermediate a completed and a c=a relationship will target the 50% rather nicely: $212. It will also be around where the white descending trendline resides.