GILD, GPRO update 9/22

GILD: Torn between two counts. Either C1 topped and now primary B is underway (targeting $100+) or Primary V is underway targeting $130-$140. The first count is shown. Regardless, lots of upside left (20% at least). Note how the long term trendline held 🙂



GPRO: Didn’t get to go straight to our $20 target but had to take a detour. We thus still see $20 as our larger target. It’s advance of the May low is a bit tricky to count, though all up moves count best as 5 waves. Could be a set of nested 1st and 2nd waves. Regardless, price targets are more important and as you can see; the 200d SMA held as support and price also found support at the critical $14.30 level. The TIs look all bullish and the bollinger bands are now expanding.