G – Genpact, LTD

Updated June 13, 2019

Nice and easy chart. Counts best as being in Primary V of Cycle-1. Now, since major-3 of III didn’t really subdivide and neither wave-1 did, this could also still be major wave-5, with iii of 5 now underway as often one of the three up waves in an impulse subdivides. For now this is the underdog, and I am looking for Primary V to top out at around current levels where V=I. IF price continues unabated higher than the wave-i,ii,iii is transpiring and we’ll be looking for mid- to high-$40s for a completion of Primary III. Again, I have for now no indication that will happen and my focus for this chart is on a major topping process instead. A move below the wave-III/alt: i high from current levels is the first sign the topping has started and price will then eventually move back to around $13 before the next Bull starts.