FEYE, PCLN update 5/4

FEYE: update required as it moved over its 200d SMA for the first time since August 2016. Thus a very significant development. The weekly chart suggests a long term low may be in. The daily chart shows an EDT (blue lines), which on the current breakout targets $20 for starters. Note the positive divergence on the MACD and its subsequent break over it’s downtrend line (green lines). All positive developments. The price pattern looks impulsive. $20ish could be major 1 high. Has LOTS of upside potential LT.



PCLN: New ticker based on member request. Counts beautifully. Price is now finishing minor 5 of intermediate iii of major 3 of primary V. A mouth full for what means: we will see two larger corrections (iv and 4) before PCLN has topped for a C1 wave. The decline then will be epic… Hence, upside is becoming limited. Taking LT profits at major 3 is recommended. Should be around $1900 area.