FB, INTC, NFLX update 3/7

FB: Getting very close to the 2.618x extension of minor 3 of intermediate v of major 3 at $138.73. From there, or even from today’s highs as there are enough squiggles in place to call the up move complete, we expect price to fall back to $133-$130 for minor 4, from which minor 5 will target new ATHs at around $145is for major 3



INTC: May have topped for all of Primary I. We have 5 waves up off the major 4 low, and price is right at the lower uptrend line, which needs to hold. If it does, then the uptrend continues and we may experience a subdividing major 5, with the “I?”/”5” top only as intermediate i of major 5. First horizontal support is also at the $35.45 level, today’s low and should hold. A drop below the “key level” of $33.25 will mean INTC is in Primary II. A move above $38.25 will mean a subdividing major 5.



NFLX: Counts best as having completed intermediate iii of major 3 of primary V. We expect intermediate iv to drop to the green support zone: $125-$130; which fits well with a 38.2% retrace of all of intermediate iii (measured from the intermediate-ii low!). The blue trend lines are support for uptrend continuation longer term.