FB, AAPL, AMZN, NFLX, GOOGL updates 10/31

FB: See annotations on chart. B-wave to red target zone now most likely underway. Will be choppy advance.

FB daily

fb weekly.png

AAPL: Ideally major-5 of Primary V now underway to 200% extension, but weekly chart can make case of all of V complete… Earnings today will tell us which of the two it is. No need to be a hero here

aapl-daily 1

AAPL weekly 1.png

AMZN: Looks good for a major-a low, and major-b to shown target box now underway. Better buy is when major-c is complete for a Primary-IV low; see monthly chart.


amzn monthly

NFLX: looks good for a major-4 low, with major-5 to new ATH underway.

NFLX daily

nflx weekly

GOOGL: Looks good for a  major-4 low here as all requirements have been met.

GOOGL daily.png

googl weekly