F A A N G T updates 06/12

All eyes are now on the large cap big tech stocks, so here is where they are and what they will most likely do.

FB: https://investingintelligent.com/2017/06/11/facebook-fb-reached-155-target-whats-next/


AAPL: now in confirmed intermediate iv of major 3 of Primary V… getting  close to putting in a MASSIVE Cycle 1 top… intermediate-v and major 4, 5 are left… Plenty of upside left; but fits VERY well with my NASDAQ big picture count (see here)



AMZN: Monthly chart is actually easiest to count as daily chart has so many scribbles/waves. May either extend more for a minor 4, 5, intermediate iv, v of P-III or all of P-III is in. Hence, risk/reward is so/so at the moment. Break to new ATHs can thus be bought. Break below $850 means P-III is in as possible minor 4 and minor 1 can not overlap…


*************************************************************************************NFLX: Now in intermediate-iv of major 3 of P-V. Also this stock, like the prior ones is getting close a it’s Cycle 1 top. Plenty of upside left, but just be aware the music will stop at some point. You’ll be the first to know when 🙂 Good support $140-$145 zone.nflx


TSLA: Like it or not, but this stock is in it’s own vacuum. Likely now in minute-iv (or already v) of intermediate iii of major 3 of Primary III. Over $365 and new highs most likely. Below $350 and $340 is next, which is good support now.