DDD, FSLR update 5/8

DDD: This past weekend I was hoping to get you in at a good price for this ticker: close above the upper green trendline that has held any upside for price in check over the past 12 months. But, the bulls had other plans today and ran this one up 11+% today. Thus all we can now do is buy a retrace as we still see a lot more upside: $25 to $31, based on simple symmetrical triangle pattern breakouts/bull flag patterns. this coincides with the 200w SMA..




FSLR: closed above its 200d SMA for the first time in 12 months: significant development. Hence, now the long term trend has changed to up and now is a good time to buy. stops can be set on a close below the 200d sma, or any % or $-amount one is personally comfortable with. The counts certainly suggests more upside. Hence, DDD didn’t give us the lower entry we wanted, but this one does.