DAL, USAT updates 12/20

DAL: In earlier updates my preferred view was that Primary I had topped for DAL July this year. However, instead we’re dealing with a subdividing 5th wave wave with minor-3 of intermediate-v now underway targeting $63.75 +/- 50c. Price is now in grey minute-iii of minor-3 targeting 57.30-58.50 before minute-iv takes over, etc. See the plot below. Note that the 176.40% extension of minute-i, from ii comes very close to the 1.618x extension of minor-1 and that would be the ideal v of 3 target. In addition, the green rectangles show a simple symmetry breakout target that coincides well with these two Fib-extensions. Hence, there are 3 different layers of evidence telling us to expect 63.75 +/- 50c. That will then complete minor-3, with minor-4 back down to the 100% extension at $56.34, and minor-5 of intermediate-v of major-5 of all of Primary I will then ideally target $68.35 +/- 50c. Hence, one can trade this accordingly: sell at $63, re-buy at $56.50, sell at $68. Simple. Put prudent stops in place (5-10%) and you are good to go.

DAL monthly.png


USAT: A member requested me to look at this chart and when I first saw the big-picture long term chart (see below) I didn’t see much. Price seemed to have been flat for essentially 12 years, with a slight uptick now. But a more detailed analyses was requested. So I started looking for the all time low and work my way from there. This is shown in the 2nd chart. Cont’d below.

USAT monthly 1

In 2010 USAT bottomed at 46c and is now trading at $9.85. A 2100% increase (IF you’d bought the exact low; but nobody hardly ever does that). Although the price advance since that low is not really clear cut, one can make it into an ABC / I,II,III count with C/III now underway. Not shown here, but resistance is at around $11.45 +/- 5c. That seems like a good target for now.

USAT monthly 2