DAL, DDD, FB, FEYE updates 05/30

DAL: preferred count has it now in intermediate-i of major 5. the alternative is that all of major-5 peaked but fell short in making a new high. Although possible, I don’t like failed 5th waves as they are very rare. Hence, I expect a low in the $48-$47 region for intermediate-ii. Below $45 and major 5 is most likely in (that’s a good stop loss level), but break above $51 and intermediate-iii is underway. Simple



DDD: dropped to the 20d SMA and 38.2% retrace. price is getting oversold after dropping from peak RSI5 values. Price hardly ever tops out at peak momentum values. So far there’s a clear abc down off the recent 23.71 high. I therefore expect new highs soon to fullfil the symmetrical triangle breakout target of $29-$30.



FB: needs ideally, and at least, one more wave up (call it minute-v of minor 5 of intermediate-v of major-3) to the major 3 target zone of around $156-$158. So far it’s only 3 waves up off the green minor-4 low, which was a perfect 23.6% retrace of all of minor-3. So can this advance be a b-wave up? Yes, cause it’s only 3 up. But, the depth and length of the recent retrace is similar to that of minor 2: perfect symmetry.



FEYE: leads see if 4 of I (not sure yet of wave-degree) bottomed today at the 38.2% retrace. Would need to see price break above today’s high ($15.40) to ascertain wave-(3) of wave-5 of I is underway, targeting $16.5-$17.00