DAL and DIS update 1/4/2016

DAL: Simple. Either major 1 or all of Primary V peaked recently by forming a leading diagonal. Or that was all of major 5 and Primary V peaked, and DAL is in for a sweet ride down. We won’t know for sure until a) the August 2015 low is taken out, which means the latter; or b) if/when the recent high is surpassed; which means the former (shown count). ps: (red) intermediate a, b of the leading diagonal need to switch of course… Trading wise: a break below the primary IV low is signal to short. Break above the major 1 high is time to go long.



DIS: Same idea as with DAL. Either intermediate i of major 5 peaked, or all of major 5 peaked. This is the limitation of counting waves, but we can watch price levels and trendlines and what not of course as well. which is prudent. Here we see the lower trendline off the 2009 and 2011 low as support ( note chart is on log scale). as long as price remains above the trendline the trend is up. If price drops below, and also below the major 4 low made August 2015, the Primary III has peaked with a failed major 5 wave. But, if the price drop is halted and tops the recent high, then the subdividing major 5 is on the table. Given the length in both price and time of major 1 and 3, we suspect the subdivision is the case. Trading wise: break down below major 4 is signal to short, break above (red) intermediate i is signal to go long.