CTSH, MEOH, XLNX updates 11/5

CTSH: Confirmed Primary-IV as it moved below $69 (the prior intermediate-iv of major-5 low). Thus we have a lower low. Yellow Major-a should now be complete and major-b underway to be followed by a major-c to ideally around $55. Note that P-II took 2 years, so P-IV will take time as well. The recent decline is simple too short and not fitting with the blue Elliot wave channel to tell us it is complete.

CTSH monthly

MEOH: Not much to add to the last update, other than we had a slightly higher high and strong reversal telling us Primary-A has most likely peaked. Primary B targets remain about the same as shown in the last update. Once B completes, wave C should take hold as shown (suggested projection using standard/typical C=A and B=50% retrace of A assumptions, which may very well not come true)


XLNX: Looks like price has or is close to completing yellow major-3 of blue Primary-III/C. Price has hit the fib-extensions so far nicely with intermediate-iii at 100%. Standard. Normally wave-3 then goes to the 1.382x Fib-extension, but 1.236 could have been it. Time will tell, but clearly upside potential (~10%) vs downside risk (20-26%) is not in the Bulls/longs favor at the moment. A break below $78 will be very telling and strongly suggest major-4 is underway. Once complete I expect major-5 to extend to $108-118.