CPE, HAL, PE, SLCA updates 01/29

These are all members requested analyses.

CPE: Counts best as a sloppy B-wave underway, which actually may already have peaked at the 61.8% retrace of the prior impulse A-wave down of the cycle-top, which is also clearly long term resistance. While price is still in the long term uptrend it could therefore still try to go for the 76.40% retrace, which is also long term resistance. It simple very hard to forecast when the entire advance is as sloppy and overlapping as this.

CPE monthly


HAL: Another fugly advance. This is my best guesstimate of the waves, but all I am certain off for now is that price is in a long term uptrend, but when it moves above the upper uptrend line it gets rammed back down all the way faster than you can wipe your butt clean. Hence, it’s anybody’s best guess what price is doing now? Maybe another spike higher for a Primary-C? I’d say yes. But please don’t blame me if it doesn’t. This is just a very, very hard to track and therefore trade ticker. I’d rather not trade this beast at all.

HAL monthly.png


PE: Third one with a not so clear price pattern. This is my best guesstimate. Next.

PE monthly


SLCA: Well, this one may actually have an impulse pattern going on 🙂 Note the clear 5 waves up from the 2015 price low to the early 2017 price high. Ahhhhh, refreshing. Then we had a classic 76.4% retrace for either primary II or a B wave. Regardless, we should be looking higher to at least $75 for a C=A wave, and up to $105 for III/C with a 1.618x Fib-extension of the prior I/A wave. A drop below the 2017 low, means wave II/B is still ongoing. Otherwise I expect this ticker to move higher over the next years.

SLCA monthly