COST, TGT updates 07/17

COST: Counts based as having completed primary III and is now in Primary IV. This counts fits both EWT and OEW so I have high confidence in it. I expect primary IV, based on standard retrace levels for a 4th wave: 23.6-38.2% of the prior same-degree 3rd wave to bottom between $144-$121, with an eye on the lower end of that range as there’s good support there.



TGT: an old friend of mine. Counts based as having completed a large ABC up. Yes, some stocks trade in abc patterns. Not all are impulses up. Perfectly fine. IMHO TGT is now in primary A of Cycle 2. Cycle wave 2 should ideally eventualy find support around the prior primary B wave level of Cycle 1: $24ish. For now, it may be prudent to start to look up for Primary B to around $66-$69.