CHK, DIS, URI updates 12/11

All member requested analyses today 🙂 please keep them coming 🙂

CHK: Looks like Cycle 4 is close to completion or already completed as any further extensions of the (yellow) major 1/a wave of (blue) Primary C will reach to negative share prices and that’s simple impossible. If C5 is underway than we should see price rally over the next years/decades to over $75. That’s a 2,000% possible gain from current levels…

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DIS: Bit tricky currently. So let’s start with a more common pattern first. The contracting/symmetrical triangle. In the chart below I’ve drawn how such a triangle looks ideally. Now, since the real world is never exactly as shown in text-books, what we have currently is rather similar, but not exactly…. Thus, IMHO, (black) major-d of blue Primary-IV is now underway to about $112. However, last month’s spike may already have sufficed for that d-wave and major-e is now underway. A break below last month’s ($103.5) low will confirm that, so long stops should be set accordingly as wave-e should target mid-$90s. If correct, Primary V should then take hold to new ATHs.



URI: The first thing I always look for if an impulse has formed of all-time-lows to a new high or not. In this case I can’t detect an impulse structure in URI from it’s ATL made in 2009 to the high made in 2014. It’s all overlapping. Hence, my best interpretation is than that we’re dealing with a larger ABC up. Please note that is fully acceptable as some stocks move in ABC, while (many) others in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5s. This stock does imho the latter. Doesn’t mean there’s no upside in it… I see price now in major-c of Primary C with an ideal target of around $230ish as that’s where the primary 1.618x extension and major 1.382x extension reasonably well overlap. both are also common c-wave extensions. In the mean time, a $20-$40 correction between now and that price levels is also needed to establish a 4th wave since c-waves are often made up of 5-waves.

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