BUD, MOS, TGT updates 11/8

BUD: Weekly chart continues to count best as (black) major-4 having completed late last year and (red) intermediate-i of major-5 is also in, while intermediate-ii is forming an irregular flat correction. Similar to the one late-2013, early-2014. This means I’d like to see price drop to about $110ish before intermediate-iii starts. A drop below $100 and my count is wrong and BUD has then topped for Primary I last year instead of major-3 and we’d be looking at $50-$70 before primary II is done. Hence, if going long from around $110, stops can be set at $100. That’s a 10% stop loss; which is acceptable as the upside potential is 50-60%. That’s a good risk:reward ratio.

BUD weekly


MOS: New ticker based on a member request. Yes please keep the requests coming. That’s what you pay me for among other things. MOS is now in (pink) Cycle wave-2 (very large scale), but hasn’t finished (blue) primary-C just yet. It’s most likely now in (yellow) major-4 to be followed by one last major-5 down to around $10.45 or $4.10. I know that’s a huge span (and therefore MOS is not a buy yet), but it all depends on which yellow Fib-extension price will ultimately seek out: the 123.60 or 138.20%? That can’t be forecasted. I prefer the latter, but we’ll have to see how price will unfold over the next few months. This is something to keep an eye on and maybe check back in 6 months from now.



TGT: Long term “friend”, but not doing too well. Price is now ideally in (blue) primary-B of (pink) Cycle-2. Primary B should ideally target the blue box at $67-$71, which coincides with the upper white downtrend line. After that Primary-C should take price down to about $25-$27. So for now, I’d be looking up, with a stoploss at either $48.56 or bit higher at $53.90.