BTC, GBTC, NYXBT updates 06/25

BTC: Looks and counts best as having completed intermediate-a of major-c. Expecting a bounce at a minimum back up to the black downtrend line, at around $8000. See next charts for a more detailed analysis. A break over that down trend line and we’ll have to re-assess the EW count for a possible new rally higher.


GBTC: Reached the ideal wave-a target zone. Bounce to 200d SMA ($14) for a retest from below likely, given the positive divergences building on the technical indicators.


NYXBT: Holding the lower trend line for support. Also here positive divergence is building on the technical indicators. Target for at a minimum a bounce is the declining red trend line, possible as high as the 200d SMA. Once these targets are reached, well have to re-asses what’s next (new Bull or one more stab lower before a new Bull).