BIDU, T, TWOU updates 03/01

BIDU: Still counts best as intermediate-v of major-3 underway. Possible that intermediate-iv is becoming more complex.

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TWOU: Counts best as intermediate-iii of major-3 of Primary III/C. Nice peak momentum here for this iii of 3 of III wave. Intermediate-iv should drop back to around $65 +/- $2.5 , which is nice support, before intermediate-v takes hold and takes price to new ATHs, etc. If not long TWOU, do so at around $65 with a stop at $55.

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T: Big picture wise counts best as being in a long term Bull. However, it is a bit uncertain what wave degree we are currently dealing with. Either major-4 of Primary III or Primary-IV of Cycle 3. I can make a solid case for both. However, I would like to see a Primary-IV wave drop lower than currently is the case.  We’ll need to see this one play out further to tell us more what wave-degree is really operable. But longer-term still a Bull of course, albeit it’s running in the final 4th and 5th waves.

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