BA, REGN, TSLA updates 11/21

BA: Completed major-5 of Primary-III in a classic 5 waves fashion right in the ideal 176.4-200.00% Fib-extension target zone. Typical/standard for a 5th wave (in this case intermediate-v). Ideally I’d like to see major-a bottom at around $290 +/- 10p, where a nice c=1.236 to 1.382x a extension targets horizontal support.

BA daily

We should then see a major-b bounce back to prior support at around $350 +/- 10, before major-c takes price down to ideally the 38.2% retrace of Primary-III at $250ish to complete Primary-IV. Then Primary-V should take hold and rally to new (marginal) ATHs. But that IV low is still many months away, so let’s not be concerned about that low, but focus on the next trade-able major-a low coming up soon!

BA monthly

REGN: Counts IMHO best as having completed, or close to completing Primary-IV. We have a nice bull-flag forming (white lines) and a nice c=a relationship at the recent lows. A break above the upper white bull-flag trend line will certainly confirm Primary-V. we don’t want to see price drop below the lower white trendline, as then it means a much larger tops in place.

REGN monthly

TSLA: First off, its share price has been as neurotic as its CEO over the past year: Looks like the internal thoughts of an overworked, stressed, pot smoker IMHO 😉 That makes the current analyses of what price will most likely do next even more difficult. In the last update I was looking for a bounce (dotted black arrow to “b“) and a bounce (aka short squeeze) we did, all the way to the high-300s instead. Price stalled at the upper red trendline, and we can see a triangle is forming. A break below the green uptrend line, at some point will target $160-140.  A break above the red down trend line will target $400+ , and I will then label that high as Cycle-1, which would in that case be a huge leading diagonal. For now I expect lower prices, but how low is hard to say due to this neurotic price action. I for one don’t like to trade ugly price charts like these as it lacks good directional moves that can be easily traded.

TSLA weekly